Got Questions?


  • Do I have enough space for my digital businesses?

    We have all software and hardware, facilities to work use, work and execute proficiently as similar to a corporate office. You're your own boss in digital universe.



  • How to design and maintain my digital business changes if I don't know software&hardware?

    You don't have to be an expert in software and hardware. We have specialists in all and provide computers and software, facility and robots to assist any problem or ventures.



  • Does digital business require a website or just use Facebook?

    No, you don't require to have a website. We can create a speedy website for you and link it with your favorite Facebook account. All you need is a telephone number and e-mail to access to digital universe.



  • How do I know if my clients from digital trading posts wanted to meet me at the coffee shop?
    • If you have services with our Trading Posts at Our International Coffee Shop and if there is a prospective business client or customer informed contact with you, we'd call you or send you an email as notification. It's completely private for you associate with your contact.
    • Both of you can meet anywhere via teleconference or more relaxing and secure to meet at the coffee shop.



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Digital Globalization changes everything. It changes the way products are developed, how they are produced, how they appear to us. Here you can embrace a boundless opportunity, unleash innovation to bring ideas to life faster..boost-up speed to reduce time to market and increase flexibility.

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