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01. Services

Design & Setup Digital Office

A place we feel drawn to and perhaps happier at the Intl. Coffee Shop with all business guests and people's presence. So the digital office at an international shop is a must-have for professionals.

We're perhaps providing more choices, looks, and tools as well as furniture and coffee at the most update standard for one's digital business.

We find it’s not always so easy to put together a really nice home office. There are always limitations, space, light, weird wallpaper, questionable furniture.. And even if you have all the nice things, perhaps you still feel like it’s not quite what you envisioned.

So, let’s take a look at what we can do to provide environment and your happy space just like at home. Perhaps your have lots of efficiency at the shop and inside digital universe.

02. Services

Interact With International Business

Organizations that excel in the digital industrial economy will be those that can become more technologically capable and sophisticated. So it's to interact with international business grown more profitable results and speedy with digital solution creating the best in the blending.

Our experts utilize analytics to devise a custom user acquisition strategy to let a business succeed and thrive in global markets by digitalization the existing international business.

A good example is...Global trade has been transformed repeatedly throughout history, driven by a combination of new technologies and new policy rules that unlock their power. In the 1970s, the new technology was the container, and the new policy environment was the GATT, later the WTO, which drove down tariff barriers. The result was a dramatic drop in trade costs, a huge increase in trade, the emergence of global firms and value chains, and the integration of a vast range of countries into the global economy.

Digital is the new-age currency. With widespread adoption of the digital technology, businesses are imbibing digital business strategies and consulting in their DNAs and are all set to dominate the landscape.

By now, your customers have gone digital, so your business processes need to resonate with their needs, convenience and expectations. offers specialized digital transformation services to different organizations, working on a structured roadmap with clear vision. Our specialists leverage their expertise to drive innovation, introduce disruptive solutions and come up with a comprehensive strategy that encompasses an enterprise's objective, operational excellence, capabilities, processes and experiences in vast majority of global business interaction and drawing large revenues and opportunities.

03. Services

Trading Posts With Export & Import

We break down digitally enabled trade into three categories: 

  • Digitally sold trade changes the how
  • Digitally enhanced trade changes the what. It is the cross-border trade of digital offerings. 
  • Digitally native trade changes both the how and the what. It is centered on an entirely new offering, one based fully on digital technologies. It is the global offering of new services that have, from the start, been fully digital. The channels are digital, the offering is digital, and the value proposition is anchored in the provision and analysis of digital data.


Delivering a complete lifecycle of innovative web development services, software and robotics harnessing technological prowess to tap the full potential of IT for trading posts' digital business excellence.

Innovation in Trading

In our modern age, trading has helped a lot of people earn handsomely. However, originally it was a complex exercise, involving a considerable investment of time and financial resources to understand the market. That has restricted its acceptance among people who wish to trade but have a busy schedule and limited budget.

The problem seems to have been solved to a great extent with digital options - a special form of a financial instrument. While it requires relatively less time to learn, it also reduces the risk exposure, which accounts for the growing popularity of digital options.

With this type of trading, your investment amount doesn’t have to be equal to the underlying asset’s market price. So, even if the minimum price of a stock index unit is $100, you can take an exposure of just $1 on this.

Export manufacturing has been the unsung hero of the U.S. economy for the past few years. Despite all the public focus on the trade deficit, little attention has been paid to the fact that U.S. exports have been growing about three times faster than gross domestic product since 2005. As a share of the U.S. economy, in fact, exports are at their highest point in 50 years. With Digitalization the economy will have a surge addition to  a thousand times as Big Data analysis showed.

A Collection Of 100 Kind of Coffees To Bring Life of Cyber-Space.

  • Manage Solidly Online With Digital Business

  • Office With Computers For All Staffs Coming At The Shop

  • Trading And Exchange Ideas, Business Venture At Coffee Shop

  • Private Room For All Guest Meetings At Coffee Shop

  • Equipments And Consultancy Are Available At All Times

  • Sign and Conduct Contracts Via Broadband Internet at The Coffee Shop

  • Trading Posts For All Online Trading And Virtual Reality Simulation Manufacturing

  • Workers And Ads Posting/Hiring For Human Resources Go To Work Right At Coffee Shop

  • Referral Digital Business And Re-Create & Duplicate Services For Multi-Offices At Different Locations.